UV Ozone Pool System

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Ozone UV Pool System

Looking for the perfect UV Ozone Pool System? Southern Poolscapes provides smart and energy efficient ozone pool systems that help sanitize your inground swimming pool. They are becoming increasing popular for homeowners who are concerned about the harsh smell and feel of chlorine on their skin. Ozone systems have also become popular because they

Ozone is a great supplement to any chlorine system. While not a stand-alone product, it can greatly reduce the chlorine chemical load by half for our geography. Ozone works best in a dry climate like the Western United States but can still be used in our area with reduced efficiency.


UV technology has been growing in popularity because of its low price and ease of use. It is the perfect complement for someone who wants a traditional chlorine system on their pool. Both technologies reduce your chlorine load which in turn reduces your overall expense and exposure to chemicals. Are you interested in an ozone pool system for your inground pool? Feel free to fill out the form below and we’d be happy to provide you with more information on this wonderful technology for sanitizing your pool.

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