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Why You Should Consider Replastering Your Swimming Pool

Let Southern Poolscapes educate you about our Ultimate Pool Plaster process. There is a distinct difference in the pool plaster that Southern Poolscapes puts in its inground pools than that of our competitors.

A Pre-Blended Pool Finish Means Precise Results

Not all swimming pool finish companies manufacture pre-blended swimming pool finishes. A pre-blended product contains a consistent blend of all ingredients necessary for your finish in a ready to work bag. One of the greatest advantages of using a pre-blended product is the ability to ensure consistency of the ingredients.  Pre-blended pool finishes contain polymer modified cement, fiber, and a host of other proprietary additives that give the finish strength, durability, and longevity. With a pre-blended product there is less room for job site mixing errors that can occur in the field and also helps eliminate excess job site waste at your home. Most importantly, a pre-blended product ensures the strongest warranty in the business.

The Many Advantages Of A Pre-Blended Pool Plaster

  • Sourcing of the strongest and most beautiful raw materials
  • Extensive quality assurance program (3 Checkpoints: Raw Materials, Blending, Bagging)
  • Manufacturing process in controlled environment
  • Batch Numbering
  • Improves workability, durability, and beauty
  • Additives that fortify cement (polymer modified with added fiber) and strengthen overall finish
  • Consistent aggregate sizing and coverage in finished product
  • Less job site waste

Thinking of what pool finish to add to your swimming pool? Consult with the pool design experts at Southern Poolscapes. We’d be happy to educate you about the pool plaster process and which pool plaster to use for your inground pool

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