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Install the best Pool Cleaning System 

This smart feature is proudly offered exclusively to Southern Poolscapes’ clients. Paramount’s PV3 in-floor cleaning system is the only system that provides a 99% clean guarantee. The system operates efficiently through enhanced circulation significantly reduces the heating and chemical cost through the lifetime of your pool by introducing water through the floor instead of only the wall.


The only pool cleaner that will clean floors, walls, benches, steps, and even spas is the PV3 in-floor system. The pop-up heads brush debris to a specialized MDX main-drain which collects the material in a debris canister outside of the pool and removes the need for vacuuming. The PV3 in-floor cleaning system is engineered specifically for your pool to achieve the greatest possible circulation.

Considering an in floor cleaning system for your inground pool? Let the pool design experts at Southern Poolscapes educate you about in floor cleaning systems and ways to save time and money while cleaning and maintaining your pool. The Paramount PV3 cleaning system is one of the best on the market and we offer expert installation and product knowledge of the system. Go with the system that cleans every square inch of your pool and with the company that is best equipped to install it – call Southern Poolscapes today.

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