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Swimming Pools With Concreate Pavers & Coping

Southern Poolscapes provides expert installation of pool decks. Concrete pavers are a popular decking option for all styles of inground swimming pools whether they are gunite pools, fiberglass pools or vinyl pools. Concrete pavers fall in the same price category as decorative concrete, but boast several benefits. The fact that your decorative concrete will potentially be cracked within a year is usually reason enough to justify even a small cost upgrade to pavers. We install our pavers per the recommended installation practices of the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute (ICPI). This assures a great decking installation for many years.

How Our Method Differs From Our Competitors

To prevent issues we install all of our pavers with a minimum of four inches of compacted limestone base and one inch of bedding sand. The base is the most important portion of the paver decking installation whether it is around your swimming pool or installed for your driveway. The base sets the tone for the longevity of your installation and is something that we get right every time. The actual concrete paver is then installed on top of the limestone base. It is actually only intended to be a wear surface not a substitute for a foundation.

Gunite Pool Decks

One of the most important steps in gunite pool construction is the transition from the waterline tile to the decking. Many pool contractors understand their limitations and stop at the waterline tile on a gunite pool. They then bring in a specialist to do the decking. At southern Poolscapes we are experts in both trades, meaning we maintain control of the entire process which helps us stay on schedule. It also provides us with the opportunity to suggest subtle customizations pleasing to our customers.

Travertine Pavers & Coping For Swimming Pools

How about having your swimming pool deck covered in timeless natural stone that maintains its luster and adds a certain level of elegance to any project? Travertine pavers are a newly affordable decking option that has become increasingly popular especially for the surround on swimming pools. The additional cost over concrete pavers comes with aesthetic benefits as well. The classic look of stone, coupled with the ability to get larger pieces makes travertine pavers a great choice.

Decorative Concrete Decking For A Swimming Pool

Without question when decorative concrete is done correctly it is beautiful. It does require some maintenance over time for resealing, but the finish holds up to most of the rigors around a swimming pool. The chief concern with concrete is its longevity, even when all precautions are taken there is still a very good opportunity for cracks to propagate through the material over time. While we do not have the concerns of the temperature variations that occur farther north, we do have vacillating hydrostatic pressure. This heaving under the ground over time is too much for any fixed material to absorb. Decorative concrete can be the right solution when trying to make a project come in on budget and still look great; just be aware of the issues with longevity.

Get Inspired By Different Deck Concepts

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