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Thinking about which is the best pool filter for your inground pool? Let the experts at Southern Poolscapes advise you.

Only The Best Cartridge Filter For Your Pool

All Southern Poolscape pools get the state of the art, quadruple cartridge, top of the line, Pentair Clean & Clear Plus filter. This patented filter has 10 times the filter square footage of most DE filters and many times more than that for sand filters. Consequently our filters requires less cleaning. Our cartridge filter has over 300 square feet of filter media. A large DE filter has only 50 square feet and a sand filter left than 10!

Pentair Filters – The Highest Standard In Swimming Pool Filters

The Southern Poolscapes standard (which is everyone else’s upgrade) usually requires only one simple cleaning at the end of the pool season. A cartridge filter is also a very simple process. There is no backwashing (and wasting thousands of gallons of water), no required gloves or masks, no messy diatomaceous earth, and no extra money spent on extra chemicals. The four cartridges are simply removed and hosed off with a garden hose. It couldn’t be easier.

Interested In Pool Automation Systems?

In addition to offering expert advice and installation of the best pool filter on the market, we also offer expert advice on pool automation systems that will save you time and money on maintaining your inground pool. Get more information from the industry experts at Southern Poolscapes.

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