Pool Renovations & Resurfacing

Gunite pools will need to be replastered on occasion. This gives us an opportunity to reinvigorate the whole backyard. Not only will resurfacing the pool address water quality and aesthetic items, you can also change the color and update the tile.

This is also the time to modify the interior of the pool, change the depth, add benches, and add water features. A complete renovation typically includes replaster, tile updating, and a modernization of your pool equipment as well. While we have the pool drained, the plumbing system issues and potential leaks can be identified and resolved from the skimmers, main drain, and light niches all the way back to your pool equipment.

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There are many options when it comes to remodeling your swimming pool deck. The most popular choice is doing a paver overlay which varies in materials from concrete pavers all the way to natural stone and travertine. Cracked concrete decking is Not the end of the world! We can use the cracked concrete slab as a foundation for a paver overlay and it often saves our customers money while creating an updated and beautiful area around your pool

Replacement of Vinyl Pool Liners

The industry average of a liner life is seven years although we like to think our customers can get ten years out of a pool liner with proper maintenance and equipment. When a Southern Poolscapes consultant has determined that it is time to change the liner, the option of changing the pattern and color are the two driving factors to creating a modern look for your swimming pool.

The weight of the water is integral of the construction of a vinyl liner swimming pool it counteracts the geologic forces working from outside the pool area to keep the structure intact, if you are unable to keep water in the pool the liner needs to be replaced immediately or the walls will collapse.

Vinyl Pool Designs by Southern Poolscapes


Just like everything in life, technology changes. The industry is constantly developing updated pumps, filters, and sanitizers to make your life easier and give you piece of mind. Energy efficient pumps, variable speed motor, finer filtration, led lighting, automation, heaters, salt water, ozone, and UV sanitizers can all be installed to reduce the amount of maintenance required on your direct behalf. This not only cuts down on the time you spend on your swimming pool maintenance but it also increases the aesthetic value of your pool.

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