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Great design leads to great projects and great projects take time to design. Southern Poolscapes’ consultants take the time necessary to design the project to your needs and specifications. 

Whether its gunite, vinyl or a fiberglass pool, it’s more important to take a little longer at the beginning of the project than regret the results for years to come. Southern Poolscapes works with local architects, engineers and our own in-house design team to collaborate and construct your project.


We will go over your objectives and the features you would like to incorporate while discussing items like salt systemsLED lightingsuperior circulationvariable speed pumps, and automation. Items also considered will be pool placement, privacy issues, landscape, fire features, and decking options.

We will integrate the selected options into your package and suggest labor saving equipment like the salt system and automatic cleaners to reduce maintenance. Material discussion is a crucial step as well, since items like pavers, travertine decking, glass tile, pebble finishes, fire features, and water features affect the final numbers on the gunite pool project.

What We Discuss During The Initial Swimming Pool Consultation

During the consultation our representative will take measurements of the yard along with elevations as needed. The conversation will cover the style of pools (free-form, geometric, contemporary, or traditional) along with construction techniques.

Creating a Unique Pool Design For You

After our initial meeting your designer will take the information and create a comprehensive layout of the project. This portion can take between 3-6 days depending on the scale of your design. A plan is usually emailed or delivered for evaluation at this point. Once we are on the right track with the design, we can start applying numbers and re-evaluate the pool as needed.

Gunite Inground Pools

Gunite pools offer the most flexibility in design due to the handcrafted nature of their construction. Whether it is geometric or free-form, clean simple lines or meandering curves, anything is possible with gunite swimming pool construction:

  • Water-in-transit is easily achieved in gunite pool construction
  • Infinity edges
  • Perimeter vanishing edges
  • Waterfalls
  • Floor cleaning systems
  • Built-in Spas
  • The limit is only your imagination. 

There are plenty of choices to coordinate with your outdoor living area or pool decking with your in-ground swimming pool.

Infinite Options & Possibilities For Your Inground Pool

You can select a design that mimics and fits the landscape or create a brand new vista in your backyard. This means the right size and perfect shape can be coordinated to your design tastes.

6630 Ski Lane-8

The finishes on a gunite swimming pool also provide the largest variety or color and material. From large aggregate finishes, tumbled glass or fine polished plaster.

Because gunite pool construction is more amenable to custom work, the sky really is the limit when it comes to amenities on your swimming pool. Beyond size, shape and depth, gunite pools can be modified with barstools, benches, tanning ledges and waterfalls.

The flexibility of the material means you can customize a swimming pool to your specific taste and budget.

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