Backyard Gunite Pool Installation

Backyard Gunite Pool Installation

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Backyard Gunite Pool Installation

Having a gunite pool is unique in terms of ownership and maintenance. Gunite pool installation reveals immediately noticeable differences in design and appearance from other common pool types. Southern Poolscapes uses only gunite for its pool construction, and there are good reasons for that.

Backyard Gunite Pool Installation

Here are some benefits of gunite pool installation.

You get to pick the design and shape

You can alter the design of a pool made of gunite in any way you like. When it comes to gunite pool installation, the options for shapes and sizes are virtually endless. This is in contrast to other popular pool materials like vinyl and fiberglass. A hole and steel cage are dug out in your backyard to install a gunite pool and are properly laid out.

In the planning stages of a gunite pool installation, you can adjust the outline of your pool to make it seem just right in your backyard. Customize your pool to match your needs by adding nooks, sun decks, a beach entry, and benches. We only use gunite since we can customize it to each customer’s vision for their pool. Also, we want to give our customers as many options as possible when it comes to the shape and size of their pool.

Gunite pools are long-lasting

Although there are several types of pools to choose from, gunite pools offer resilience and longevity. Not only are they the highest quality, but they also have the longest warranties. This is something to think about when first estimating how much a gunite pool installation will cost. This is due to the fact that they are more costly than competing pool materials. In spite of the higher initial cost, a gunite pool will last for decades.

Aesthetically appealing

The aesthetic appeal of a gunite pool is another great advantage. Gunite is sprayed over a steel framework. This allows for the creation of varying contours, flowing lines, shapes, and depths that flow into one another. The interior finish of these pools makes them visually appealing. Pools are plastered with a mixture of cement and marble dust to form a protective finish coat and a watertight barrier over the gunite. When swimmers enter the pool, they encounter this smooth coating. In addition to the finish coat, pool builders can add colored quartz aggregate to the final product. The pool’s brilliant color and longevity will improve as a result of this.

Basic steps in the gunite pool installation process.


The first step in a gunite pool installation is to excavate the ground. The next step is to set up iron rebar. It then becomes the grid that reinforces the pool’s structure and serves as its framework.

Cement spraying

Spraying the pool with the gunite mixture is the next step once professionals install the rebar framework. They apply gunite and smooth it out until it is completely even and flawless. After that, it needs to dry and set for a while.

Plastering and final finishes

The professionals add the pool’s final touches after the cement has set. Plaster is one of the most popular finishes because of the variety of colors it can be made into. The choice of tiles or pebbles is a matter of budget and personal preference.

Adding water to the pool

The addition of water at the conclusion of gunite pool installation brings your pool to life. To make sure the pumps and filters are working well, it’s important to fill the pool to the right level with chlorinated water.

Backyard Gunite Pool Installation

Repairs and maintenance

Investing in a gunite pool is a good long-term choice because they last longer than other pools. While they may be durable, they will eventually wear out.

Fixing cracks

Cracks in the surface of a pool are more common in those made of gunite. It’s important to patch the cracks and repaint the walls or floor. To begin, the pool professionals drain the pool and clean it to get rid of any debris and dirt. The cracks will then be held together by specially made-staples that the pool builder will install. They will seal the cracks using bonding chemicals and then replaster the pool.

Resurface the pool

Resurfacing is preferable if the cracks are shallow and limited to the surface. You can also improve the pool’s interior and exterior to give it a new look. Refinishing the swimming pool will also give it a new, smoother coating.

Gunite pool installation: Hire Southern Poolscapes

You can see why we only use gunite to construct our pools. The final result is stunning, sturdy, and guaranteed to last. Do you want to learn more about gunite pool installation? Southern Poolscapes has been in the business of designing and constructing gunite pools for many years. Let us help!

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